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What are Safety Data Sheets (SDS)?

A Safety Data Sheet, formerly referred to as Material Safety Data Sheet or MSDS, is a document containing safety and health information about a product. It communicates information about any hazardous materials the product contains. 
The sheets information includes the product’s: 

• Identification 
• Composition 
• Hazards Identification 
• First-aid Measures 
• Fire-fighting Measures 
• Accidental Release or Spill Measures 
• Handling and Storage 
• Exposure Controls 
• Physical and Chemical Properties 
• Stability and Reactivity 
• Toxicological Information 
• Ecological Information and Environmental Hazards 
• Disposal Considerations 
• Transport Information 
• Regulatory Information 
• Any Other Additional Information 
This information is used for coat care products to break down the safety elements in the environment, workplace, etc. 

How are Safety Data Sheets (SDS) used?

Safety Data Sheets are used to communicate the safety elements for the handling, storing and transporting of coat care products. The document’s information is used by pet professionals to determine any hazards of a product (shampoos, conditioners, sprays, etc.), know how to store a product, be aware of how to properly dispose of a product (including for accidental spills), be informed of what personal protective equipment (PPE), if any, is needed when handling a product and to find additional product information.  

What if I don't see the SDS I need here?

While we actively maintain safety data sheets for products we manufacture at Groomer's Choice, we may not have sheets for third party vendors' products in our directory. If you are looking for a specific sheet, please let us know by contacting us

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