Super Styling Sessions

Throughout the year, Groomer's Choice teams up with celebrity groomers Jay Scruggs and Sue Zecco for virtual events called Super Styling Sessions. These educational webinars run approximately 4 to 5 hours long and are full of grooming demonstrations, advice from Jay and Sue, awesome prizes and exclusive discounts on recommended products from Groomer's Choice.

What's Super Styling Sessions TV?

While we host Super Styling Sessions live webinars throughout the year, we also partner with Jay Scruggs and Sue Zecco to bring you thousands of grooming training videos directly to your mobile device. Subscription options range in price and include free admission to Super Styling Sessions live webinars. (Some exclusions apply, including special shows such as The Stars of IG.) 


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Tickets & Registration

Q. Why is the cost different than the last session? 

A. Every Super Styling Sessions webinar is a unique experience. While some previous events were standalone sessions, the current certificate series allows attendees to receive certificates of completion for attendance. Some of these webinars also count toward ongoing groomer education, such as Barkleigh Production program hours. Costs may vary based on various factors.


Q. Do you offer scholarships for Super Styling Sessions?

A. We do not offer scholarships for virtual Super Styling Sessions events at this time. However, if you would like to receive free admission, subscribers of Jay and Sue’s streaming platform, Super Styling Sessions TV, receive free passes to most webinars.


Q. How do you register?

A. Registrations for Super Styling Sessions open at least four weeks prior to each event. Follow Groomer’s Choice, Jay Scruggs and Sue Zecco on social media or sign up for our email newsletters for information on registering for upcoming webinars. All webinar registrations are processed through the Zoom platform. 


Q. Zoom wants me to pay through PayPal, but I don’t have a PayPal account. What do I do?

A. You do not need a PayPal account to pay for Super Styling Sessions registrations. Zoom uses PayPal as a credit card processor, so you may use other payment methods, such as your debit or credit card, when signing up. 


Q. I want to sign up for the webinar but I’m not sure I’ll be able to watch it live. Can I watch it at a later time?

A. Yes. The day after the live show, Groomer’s Choice sends out an email to all attendees with the rewatch link. While you may watch the webinar at your leisure, please keep in mind that any exclusive product discounts have a limited timeframe after the live show.  


Q. When does registration close for Super Styling Sessions?

A. Registration for Super Styling Sessions is open until the start of the live webinar. At that point, Zoom will close registrations.


Q. Are the Super Styling Sessions live webinars included in the Super Styling Sessions TV subscription?

A. Unless specifically noted, yes - all webinars are free for SSStv subscribers. One month before the live show, Jay and Sue will send out a communication on joining the webinar. Please monitor the email address and phone number you used for signing up for the streaming platform for notifications. 


Session Information

Q. I’ve never attended a virtual Super Styling Sessions before. What should I expect?

 A. Welcome to the world of Super Styling Sessions! World Champion Groomers Jay Scruggs and Sue Zecco are the hosts and typically groom two dogs each during the event. Throughout the show, they demonstrate best practices for various dog breeds and feature tried and true products to get the job done. They also conduct Q&A sessions with attendees, providing a personal touch to all events. 


Q. Are Super Styling Sessions for professional groomers only?

 A. While the content presented is incredibly beneficial to professional groomers, these sessions are also valuable for groomers-in-training, veterinarians, boarding professionals and others in the pet industry.  


Q. How do you determine winners for the giveaways?  

A. A couple days before the live show, we download a list of registrants, and winners are randomly selected. A main winner is selected as well as several runners up in case the original winner cannot be contacted. Therefore, it definitely pays to register in advance to make sure your name is on our drawing list!
Q. I’m a winner! What happens next?  

A. Congrats! We will be reaching out for more information for your preferred mailing information. 

Exclusive Sales

Q. As a registered attendee, I have access to exclusive sales at Groomer’s Choice. How do I access those?

A. Currently, these sales are on a hidden page on To get to them, snap the QR code featured during the virtual session on your smartphone camera or follow the links provided in the chat. This will direct you to a page where you can explore the various sales for the show. The link to the sales will also be included in a follow-up email sent the day after the webinar.  
Q. How long do sales last?  
A. Super Styling Sessions sales are unique for each event. Full sales details will be shared during each webinar.
Q. If I don’t watch the live event, can I still participate in the sales? 
A. All registrants can still take part in the sale, as long as you take advantage of them before the window ends. 

Post Show Information

Q. Will I get a link to rewatch the webinar?  
A. Yes, you will! We send these out to the email you provided at registration on the Monday following the event.  


Q. Where can I find the products used during the show? 
A. Visit Jay and Sue's Featured Products page to shop all their favorite products. 
Q.  How will I know when the next Super Styling Session is?  
A. We publish these dates in our Groomer's Choice magazines as well as to our special Super Styling Sessions email list. You can sign up for our catalog here and sign up for the email list here. You can also stay up-to-date on future sessions by following us on Instagram and Facebook
Q. How do I get my certificate?  
A. Certificate details will be shared during each webinar. Please be sure to follow any certificate instructions shared then or in the follow-up email sent the day after the event. NOTE: As of June 2022, certificates will be delivered digitally via email. If you do not receive your certificate within a week after the webinar, please email or message the Super Styling Sessions Instagram account.