Groomer's Choice House Brands

What are Groomer's Choice House Brands?

What's all this about Groomer's Choice House Brands? If you're familiar with Groomer's Choice, you know we're not just a distributor of grooming supplies. We also manufacture high-quality, naturally-derived coat care products for pets in our Sioux Falls, South Dakota, facility. We call these proprietary brands of dog shampoo "House Brands."


What makes Groomer's Choice House Brands different from others on the market? Unlike some dog shampoos sold on retail shelves, we mix and bottle our products in the USA. Every batch is handcrafted and inspected for quality before being packed and shipped to customers around the world. We source professional grade, naturally-derived ingredients for our products, so we know exactly what goes in them. Also, since we serve the independent grooming market, all of our House Brands are concentrated, giving you more bubbles for your buck. (See our guide for diluting shampoo here.)  


We take pride in the products we make, knowing they wash well, rinse well and smell absolutely wonderful. In fact, we extend a 30-day guarantee for all our House Brands. If you aren't 100% satisfied, we'll give you a full refund. But we're pretty confident you and your doggo will love them.     

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