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What is the BatherBox and why should I use it?!?!?

Half the Bathing Time

There's nothing better than saving time. After all, you're busy, and saving time means more bookings and revenue for you.

Electricity Free

Reduce the risk of shocks and save on your energy bill with this efficient system.

More Efficient

Complete with ACCU-MIXERTM technology - which precisely dilutes shampoos for fast, efficient bathing. 

Control Valves

Control water and shampoo flow with our easy-to-use valve system.

Pet Approved

Make bath time fun, simple, and efficient with BatherBox.

Specially Formulated Shampoo

BatherBox Shampoo & Conditioners are perfectly crafted for optimal performance with BatherBox.

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What are the benefits of using the BatherBox?

The Groomer's Choice Batherbox is a professional-grade pet bathing system that offers several benefits for groomers, pet owners, and pets themselves:

More efficient bathing: The Batherbox allows groomers to bathe pets more efficiently by providing a continuous flow of warm water and shampoo. This can save time and effort, making the bathing process more comfortable for both the pet and the groomer.

Better cleaning: The Batherbox helps to clean pets thoroughly by providing a deep cleaning action. The shampoo and water mixture can penetrate the pet's coat more effectively, helping to remove dirt, debris, and loose hair.

Reduced stress for pets: The Batherbox is designed to make the bathing process less stressful for pets. The continuous flow of warm water and shampoo can be soothing, and the gentle massage action can help to relax pets.

More control: The Batherbox gives groomers more control over the bathing process, allowing them to adjust the water flow and shampoo concentration as needed. This can help to ensure that pets are bathed according to their specific needs.

Safer bathing: The Batherbox can help to reduce the risk of injury during the bathing process. The non-slip floor and adjustable restraint system help to keep pets secure, while the low entry height makes it easier to lift pets into the tub.

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