Grooming Supplies

The Groomer's Choice Guide to Grooming Supplies

Dog grooming is an art. And like other artists, dog groomers need the proper supplies to execute their craft. This ultimate grooming supplies guide will help you learn which items are necessary for your dog grooming needs.

What are dog grooming supplies?

Besides coat care items, such as shampoo, conditioner and sprays, grooming supplies can be broken down into two main categories: tools and equipment. Additional smaller categories include supplies for creative grooming, health care items and accessories.

Grooming Tools

There are various types of pet grooming tools, each with its own purpose. Types of grooming tools include, but are not limited to:

• Shears
• Clippers
• Brushes
• Combs
• Rakes
• Nail Clippers and Grinders
• Sanitizing Tools

Grooming Equipment

Types of grooming equipment include:

• Tubs
• Tub Accessories (such as tub leashes, mats, shelves and shampoo racks) 
• Tables

• Table Accessories (such as grooming arms, hammocks and belly bands)
• Dryers
• Cages/Cage Banks
• Bathing Systems (such as the BatherBox Bathing System)

Pet Grooming Health Care Supplies

Groomers care for various aspects of a pet's health during the grooming process. Therefore, select supplies for dental, ear and nail care are needed.

Dental Care: Proper dental hygiene is important for our pets. Being proactive and brushing your pet’s teeth helps toward preventing certain diseases and conditions later on in their lives. Although groomers often have dental supplies, such as toothpaste, toothbrushes and sprays, to complete a brief cleaning, it is important to develop a consistent at-home dental health routine.


Ear Care: Ear care is important in helping prevent ear infections. During the grooming process, ear cleaner is used to wipe away debris and build up in the ear. Dog breeds with hair growth in the ear may need to have the hair plucked by using ear powder and a hemostat.


Nail Care: When a pet’s nails are not naturally being filed down from activity, it is crucial for pet parents to have them trimmed. This can be done by using a nail clipper or grinder, such as a Dremel. It is recommended to have nails trimmed at least once a month. When not cared for, long nails will cause the pet to not be able to walk properly, which can lead to long-term, permanent damage to the structure of the foot.

Creative Grooming Supplies

Express your creativity or a pet’s personality with creative grooming. Examples of creative grooming include, but are not limited to:

• Pet-safe Hair Dye
• Bows
• Ties
• Pet-safe Nail Polish

Helpful Accessories

Additional accessories that are beneficial for the safety or well-being of pets and groomers include:

• Muzzles
• Bath Sack for Cats
• Belly Band System
• Grooming Hammock
• Floor Mats/Tiles

• Table Mats

How do you know what grooming tools are needed?

Though some tools, such as nail clippers, can be universal, different variables impact what tools a specific dog needs. When selecting grooming tools, consider the following factors:

Breed of Dog: When determining which grooming tools are needed, perhaps the biggest influence is the breed of dog that’s being groomed. Although a slicker brush, metal comb and nail clipper will suit the grooming needs of most breeds, specific products can better help assist various breeds.


Type of Coat: The breed of the dog will determine the coat type. Non-purebred pets, such as Doodles, will have unique coats that may even be a combination of different coat types. Examples of coat types include smooth, long, double, silky, hairless and curly.


Different coat types may require and benefit from different tools. For example, a double-coated dog can benefit from the use of undercoat tools; a short, smooth coat can benefit from a rubber curry brush, such as the Zoom Groom; and a long coat, such as on a Silky Terrier or Shih Tzu, might require the use of a pin or boar brush and shears.


Quantity of Dogs Groomed: If you are a dog groomer and grooming multiple dogs every day, your grooming supplies needs will probably be different than someone who is only grooming one or a few dogs. Dog groomers have to have all the supplies needed to serve any type of dog.


Type of Grooming Service: House-call groomers and mobile groomers may need different grooming supplies than salon groomers due to more restrictions in space or routine.


Other Factors: Additional things that may determine what supplies you need include the age or the health of the dog being groomed. An older dog or a dog with certain health conditions may benefit from a complete shave down or simpler grooms, which would limit the variety of tools or supplies needed.

Why you should always have a backup of your tools.

At Groomer's Choice, we advise our customers to always have a backup of their everyday grooming supplies. Why? Because you never know when you’re going to accidently drop your go-to shear or if a dryer is going to stop randomly working and need repairs.


Unfortunately, it’s inevitable that one of those things will happen, someday. To ensure you and your business can remain open and grooming as scheduled, we recommend strategically stocking backups of those daily-used supplies and completing routine maintenance on your tools and equipment.