Notes from the Grooming Table Digital Experience

Notes from the Grooming Table Digital Experience

Posted by Emily Blom, Digital Sales Specialist on 26th Feb 2024

For over 20 years, pet groomers around the world have referenced Notes from the Grooming Table by Melissa Verplank. Groomer's Choice is excited to announce this best-selling grooming guide is now available in digital format thanks Notebook and Devices Insetto Paragon Pet School

Notes from the Grooming Table Digital Experience provides the same incredibly helpful information, but with even easier access. Different from any other e-book, the Digital Experience was created with YOU in mind. It is fully interactive and offers a variety of new features that will elevate your grooming skills. Whether you are new to grooming or have been grooming for years, this digital guide will quickly become one of your most important tools. 

Why purchase the Digital Experience? 

1. Interactive  Notes from the Grooming Table Digital Experience is fully interactive, which makes it the first and only customizable digital grooming guide. You can personalize each page with your own notes, drawings, highlights, bookmarks and more. It also includes Google Translate and a text-to-speech function, providing you with seamless access to your preferred language and reading style. Each of these features allows you to customize your learning to help you perfect your grooms. 

2. Anytime, Anywhere  From mobile device to personal computer, the Digital Experience’s information is available anytime, anywhere. For groomers on the go, this means you will always have the book at your fingertips. Even if you do not have an internet connection, all its powerful features are still available offline.

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3. Any Breed  The Digital Experience includes detailed diagrams and instructions on grooming techniques for more than 200 American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized breed standards. It even contains modified trims so you have options that meet your clients’ needs. The Digital Experience is also periodically updated with supporting materials like photos, videos, audio instructions and new breed instructions. This ensures you will always have the most accurate and up-to-date information from Paragon’s leading pet grooming experts. 

4. Fast and Easy  A groomer’s most valuable resource is time. The Digital Experience was created with this idea at its core. Quick access to its contents streamlines the grooming process, resulting in more income potential for your business. You can even use a keyword search to find the exact information you need within seconds. Most groomers would agree that every second counts in the pet grooming industry. Just a few minutes of saved time can mean the difference between completing a groom and falling behind schedule. 

How much does the Digital Experience cost? Are there different subscription options? 

  • Groomers invest a lot of their hard-earned money back into their artful trade. This is why the creators of the Digital Experience sought to make payment affordable and flexible. There are two subscription options available to you: 
    • Monthly Subscription: $6.99 per month (plus tax if applicable) 
    • 12-month Subscription: $69.99 per year (plus tax if applicable) 

Where can I purchase the Digital Experience? 

How do I access my subscription once I have purchased it? 

1. After purchasing your subscription, you will receive an email including your Paragon login information. Using the free Paragon Reader app or the Paragon website, you can then log in to your account to find your active subscription and related details. 

2. You will receive reminders before your subscription expires, and you will have 14 days after the expiration date to renew for the annual or monthly license.

Why wait? Get your digital copy of the world's most popular grooming guide today!