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Green Groom Argan Oil Dog Shampoo, 1 Gallon

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Green Groom's Argan Oil Aromatherapy Shampoo renews your pet's coat by sealing in shine for a lush softness. Its formula blends argan oil, Vitamin E and antioxidants. This helps to penetrate deep into the root to restore…

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Green Groom's Argan Oil Aromatherapy Shampoo renews your pet's coat by sealing in shine for a lush softness. Its formula blends argan oil, Vitamin E and antioxidants. This helps to penetrate deep into the root to restore strength, shine and luster to dry and brittle coats. Luxury meets nature with Green Groom's antioxidant-rich, natural pet grooming shampoos and conditioners. This formula features an Argan Oil fragrance and dilutes 32 to 1.


  • Will not wash off flea and tick topical product if used per manufacturer's directions.
  • Soap-Free
  • Cruelty-Free
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Proudly Made In The USA
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


  1. Dilute 32 parts water to 1 part shampoo.
  2. Wet down pet thoroughly.
  3. Apply diluted shampoo.
  4. Start massaging into the skin and coat. Avoid contact with eyes.
  5. Allow shampoo to remain on the pet for a few minutes for best results.
  6. Rinse thoroughly.
  7. Towel and blow dry.

*Safe for frequent, external use on pets 8 weeks of age and older.

Amphoteric Surfactant, Anionic Surfactant, Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Emollient, Benzoin Tree Gum Preservative, Water, Color, Argan Oil Fragrance

Keep out of reach of children and pets to prevent unintended consumption.

Learn more about Green Groom Argan Oil Dog Shampoo through the SDS Sheet.

About Green Groom
Green Groom is committed to creating an environmental powerhouse of products chocked full the finest, pure and sustainable ingredients from around the world. Our family of products promote a natural, clean and healthy lifestyle for our four-legged friends. Experience why Green Groom is Naturally Different.


6 Reviews

  • love it

    Posted by RACHELLE WARD on 14th Mar 2024

    I have tried other shampoos for dogs. This one not only cleans very well but leaves the coat soft and shiny. And not irritating to the skin.

  • Amazed

    Posted by Jessica M on 10th Dec 2019

    I have been a groomer for 20+ years now, very rarely am I impressed with new shampoos or products. I seem to always go back to whatever I like at the time. I decided to give this a try on my Standard Poodle boy who is in full show coat, plus in the midst of coat change. His matting was out of control, I could have him totally brushed and combed through and by the next morning he has new spider webs that have formed. Its FRUSTRATING! A friend of mine was using this on her Poodle who has an extremely coarse coat that takes forever to dry and comb through. I loved the smell of it first off so that alone I wanted to try it. I used on my Poodle for the very first time back in Oct. I have continued to use it weekly on him ever since. Breakage that he previously had is repaired, his coat is soft and shiny and best of all healthy. I now use it on my client dogs as part of a hair rejuvenation spa package. Also works great on Goldens, Labs, drop coated breeds and long haired cats.

  • Best Shampoo Ever!!

    Posted by Bre on 12th Apr 2018

    This shampoo is absolutely amazing!! It leaves the dogs so clean, soft, shiny and smelling amazing. I’ve noticed some shampoos effect how well a cut turns out on a dog and this is a shampoo that effects the cut in a positive way. I’ve had many customers call the shop I work at after getting home getting home and smelling and petting their dog and compliment on how fanstastic their dogs smells and how soft they are. This is my favorite shampoo for haircut dogs or bath dogs. It’s an all around fantastic shampoo and can be used on all coat types.

  • Argon Oil Shampoo

    Posted by Amber McMahon on 17th Apr 2017

    This is a great shampoo. It makes the dogs coat soft, Shiny, healthy and easy to groom. Please dont get it in your dogs eyes. Ive had several of my clients dogs eyes swell up shut due to irritation from this shampoo.

  • Love this

    Posted by Alicia Barbuto on 24th Feb 2017

    This shampoo is amazing. I have tried other Argan oil products and this work incredibly well. It leaves the coat silky and shiny.

  • AMAZING!!!

    Posted by Micayla on 8th Sep 2016

    This Shampoo makes the dogs coat so bright and vibrant and they feel incredibly soft. I didnt even use a conditioner because the coat looked and felt so amazing.

Green Groom Argan Oil Dog Shampoo, 1 Gallon